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Work In the fastest growing industry in the USA

FlowerHire is your career guide in the cannabis industry

We screen companies, culture and opportunities for your career.

Career Guide

We understand the cannabis industry and can help you find the best fitting company and culture.

Unrivaled Job Opportunities

We have access to career and placement opportunities before they become publicly available.

Candidate Empowerment

We will help you prepare for every interview so that you walk in confident and putting your best foot forward.


Will I Face Legal Problems?


Although cannabis is still federal schedule 1 substance, over half of the states have legalized cannabis. FlowerHire operates in the legal cannabis markets.

Are Cannabis Companies Full Of Stoners?


The unlike popular culture perceptions, the cannabis industry attracts highly educated people many of whom are moving from tech hubs around the country.

What Does The Compensation Look Like?

The cannabis industry in many ways comparable to the early tech and .com industries boom cycles. Compensation is on par with these trends and attracts people looking for great opportunity while building a new industry.

Is Cannabis Allowed To Be Smoked At The Office?

Mostly no.

Just like consuming alcohol at work, it's up to the company's discretion and policy to decide what is appropriate for work culture.

Why Is There A Stigma Surrounding Cannabis?

Government and popular culture.

It is up to you to help change the perception of this industry and products. It is up to you to highlight numerous studies highlighting both the economic and medical benefits of cannabis. It is up to you to to be an example of change that is needed for safer and more prosperous communities.

Why Now?

This is a once in a generation opportunity.

The Cannabis boom will make the .com and tech booms look small by comparison.

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