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Generational shifts, driven by Gen Z, are reshaping work culture in the ‘Social Work Era.’ Learn about their focus on quality of life, redefined learning methods, and the evolving workplace environment. Find out how companies can adapt to attract and retain this new workforce.

FlowerHire celebrates our second annual Blowin’ Smoke event in Detroit with our beloved Michigan cannabis community.

Explore the Future State of Cannabis Rescheduling: Industry Transformation, Uncertainty, and Potential Opportunities.

Discover the path from dysfunction to harmony in your company culture. Explore insights from Tom Peters’ Extreme Humanism that emphasize the importance of culture change, maintenance, and conscious leadership. Uncover the five key strategies to revitalize your culture and propel your business forward.

Kate Steinberg has been leveraging her transferable skills to propel her career down a dynamic career path. Read her Talent in Cannabis Profile to see how.

Right now, cannabis companies have a unique opportunity to find exceptional talent with the right mix of experience, skills, and qualifications.

Hilary Black shares her journey from being a grassroots activist to becoming the Chief Advocacy Officer at Canopy Growth and making an impact.

Explore the evolution of compensation in America and its unique challenges within the cannabis industry. Discover the impact of labor movements, government reforms, and emerging trends.