Vince Bozman is a regional retail director at Ascend Wellness Holdings. He shares his experiences, challenges, successes, and what got him here.

FlowerHire’s recruiters curate the best places to find cannabis news. The list includes podcasts, publications, magazines, newsletters, and social accounts.

AAPI’s in cannabis are merging Asian cultures with cannabis. Learn how they’re revisioning their communities by forging new creative paths.

TALENT IN CANNABIS. Courtney Elkins is the director of retail at Sunday Goods. Her role in the adult intimacy industry helped shape her cannabis career.

How much should you compensate cannabis retail teams? Find out how to pay budtenders, assistant managers, GMs, district managers, and VPs of retail.

It’s time we consider what “freedom” really means as we free the plant and the people. Learn about the history of cannabis prohibition and cannabis reform.

How will consolidation impact the cannabis workforce? Read how m&a will create new roles and opportunities, increase turnover, and develop org charts.

If you’re a cannabis HR leader who’s building a team, keep in mind these seven must-know challenges of recruiting in the cannabis industry.

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