The demands of a marketing department are complex. Build a strong team for both brand and retail with the Cannabis Marketing Salary Guide.

Amanda Reiman shares how her dedication to social change has guided her career from a therapist to a respected cannabis industry leader and change-maker.

TALENT IN CANNABIS. Aubrey Estrin tells shared how the military set her up to be a cannabis general manager and a strong leader.

How to understand cannabis equity and assess your total compensation package. Stock options vs RSUs in cannabis. Now offering Free compensation reviews.

Mike Gray is a cannabis genetic breeder who has quickly risen within the cannabis industry. He shares about his journey and focused skillset.

The HR Maturity Model provides simple, practical ways to guide cannabis HR leaders through any economic downturn, and help them differentiate themselves from the competition.

What’s the best industry to work in? Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. with a variety of jobs available. Read why we say it’s the best.

Some manufacturing roles are the hardest jobs to replace in cannabis. Here’s how to pay your extraction managers, directors of ops, and VP of operations.

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