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13 Feb: the plunge | Sloane Barbour, CRO at FlowerHire

FlowerHire’s the Plunge takes an inside look at joining the Cannabis Industry from the perspective of industry professionals. Founder and CEO Dave Belsky sits down with industry newcomer Sloane Barbour to discuss Sloane’s cannabis story. They also compare and contrast the Tech Industry and the Cannabis Industry. Watch here!

06 Feb: Sunset Sesh | Interview with Luna Stower

In FlowerHire’s latest Sunset Session, our Founder and CEO Dave Belsky sits down with long time industry insider Luna Stower to discuss the challenges facing legacy medical operators adapting to the realities of California’s legal cannabis industry. Luna is a lifelong advocate for the plant and its people.

06 Feb: Our Mission: Building a Conscious Cannabis Community

With the mission to Build a Conscious Cannabis Community, One Hire at a Time, the topic of community comes up often in our office and with our client and candidates. It begs the question, what precisely is community in cannabis? What has it looked like in the past, where are we now, and how the hell do we keep things cohesive in these tumultuous times?

15 Jan: Cannabis in 2020: Six Predictions

2019 was an exciting and often challenging year for the Cannabis industry, and there are a lot of questions in the community about how 2020 will shake out. After nearly three full years in Cannabis and 300 placements of senior salaried candidates into the industry, the team at FlowerHire and CEO David Belsky share their look back on what happened in 2019 and our six predictions for 2020.

15 Jan: Emerald Cup 2019

The Emerald Cup has come and gone and after another tumultuous year in California Cannabis, spending the weekend at the Cup felt like a much-needed hug. For those who have never attended, Em Cup is a glorious combination of a weed farmers market and an educational fair. The best part? You can light up whatever you bought right there on the spot…

05 Dec: House of Humboldt | Humboldt County Growers Alliance

The Humboldt County Growers Alliance set up a business to business event, in Eureka, for distributors and manufacturers to connect with licensed cultivators and manufacturers, and for cultivators to showcase their harvest. We were lucky enough to be invited and meet the beautiful people of Humboldt.

30 Oct: ChiCannabis Expo

Cannabis is emerging in Chicago and the ChiCannabis Exposition was on the forefront of it all. The expo allowed Chicago to have an introduction to the rollercoaster that is the cannabis industry. But is it all the glory that Chicago imagined it to be?

29 Oct: HOF | Season 3 Experience

Hall of Flowers continues to be one of the leading cannabis expositions in the industry. One of our Account Executives, Josh Cox, recently experienced his FIRST TIME at Hall of Flowers and… IT. WAS. GLORIOUS.

12 Sep: Letter From The Founder – September 2019

The Cannabis industry is moving forward at a frenetic pace. Frenetic means lots of energy and effort in a multitude of different disjointed ways. With each passing week it is getting more and more competitive. In California alone, there are over 400 vape brands and 100 pre roll joint brands being sold in 600+ licensed dispensaries.

30 May: Letter From The Founder – May 2019

This past month represents the “holiday season” in cannabis. Interfacing with operators across cannabis prepping for and dealing with 420, Hall of Flowers, deal making and general survival that is the Cannabis industry was intense.

19 Apr: Letter From The Founder

Every now and then, time slows and seems to hover around a seemingly insignificant moment. Later, looking back, you realize why that seemingly insignificant moment needed to become a part of you. As small as it may have seemed at the time, it’s those finite moments that end up defining the most substantial pieces of you.