10 Jul: East Coast Cannabis Arrives

Even more significantly, we’re hiring for as many operators on the East Coast as on the West Coast. This shift is noteworthy considering that until 2019, a majority of our 300+ executive placements were for legacy California operators.

23 Jun: The DNA of a Good Cannabis Hire

David Belsky has been involved in over 350 strategic hires for the cannabis industry. Over that time, he’s learned a lot about what makes up the perfect cannabis hire. Hard work and a strong resume is not enough in the cannabis industry. You’ve got to have grit, passion, drive and so much more.

11 Jun: Cannabis and PPP: Essentially UnSupported

Over time cannabis has made clear progress toward legitimacy and further legality, but to date, very little has marked the advancement of this industry more definitively than the COVID-19 pandemic. How can an industry that has bee deemed essential be ineligible for assistance from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)?

05 Jun: Scaling Compliantly Through the Supply Chain

Flowerhire and RMCC have partnered to present a framework for building a qualified and knowledgeable compliance team that will stay informed while providing RMCC’s best practices in building operational infrastructure to mitigate these challenges. It’s never too early to implement compliance standards and this workshop is intended to add value and insight, along with helpful tips in making compliance top of mind, leaving you with a cannabis operation built to conform to state regulations.

28 May: M & A Activity in Cannabis

FlowerHire and Leafwire created a panel of expert investors and advisors including Emily Paxhia, Hershel Gerson, Raymond Chang, and John Ruckstuhl with years of combined cannabis investing experience to dive deep into the current M+A landscape, the current state of affairs, untouched opportunities, and what we can expect from new states and marketplaces.

21 May: The Evolution of Cannabis Cultivation

In this webinar presented by FlowerHire and Leafwire, we explore cannabis growing technology that is currently available, how best practices in cannabis are evolving to meet demand, and what the future of cultivation will look like as more states come online. 

18 May: The New Normal Cannabis Workplace

As all of us face the new normal, we all need to understand new workplace expectations and how to navigate employee relations. As an answer to that, we have created a Webinar Series in Partnership with our friends at BlueFire Cannabis by FutureSense to bring you access and information on how to now function in the Cannabis Workplace.

13 May: Balanced Leadership in times of Crisis

A recent Forbes article observed that countries with women leaders have excelled in managing the Covid-19 crisis because of their ability to exemplify “transformational leadership”– a combination of vision, inspiration, direction-setting, and out-of-the-box thinking. This webinar series spotlights C-Suite level leaders in the cannabis industry.

06 May: The State of California Cannabis with Alex Halperin

In this webinar, David Belsky of FlowerHire chats with long time industry journalist and Founder of WeedWeek Alex Halperin about the challenges faced by cannabis industry operators in the transition from Prop 215 to the modern adult use regime, and what type of companies are not only surviving but thriving in the current market. They will discuss the biggest challenges still faced by this “essential industry” and of course talk through Covid-19 and how that will forever change how the industry operates. Finally, predictions about what is in store for the future of the California cannabis industry and the national battle for legalization.