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Inside the Org Chart: Fertigation Manager

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This week’s edition of Inside the Org Chart we focus on the role of the  Fertigation Manager, one of the key players to managing a mature cultivation/ growth team.

A Fertigation Manager performs a set of specific functions for the Cultivation team, including ensuring that all irrigation and nutrient feeding requirements are followed accordingly, and that strain-specific needs are met. They build out SOPs for crop irrigation and feeding schedules, performing regular calibration of nutrient testing instruments, monitoring soil moisture content of the crop, and obtaining water samples for testing. They will work closely with the growth team, maintaining inventory of all chemicals and fertilizers on site. They also perform installations, maintenance, and repair of irrigation systems and manages power equipment and hand tools to install, maintain, and repair irrigation systems and related components, including irrigation lines, sprinkler heads, control panels, valves, pumps. 

The most qualified person for this role is a hands-on,  team player who has experience working in a licensed cannabis cultivation, production or processing facility, and enjoys being on their feet and in the elements. Because testing and monitoring are a part of the role, they must have an attention to detail and comfortability with quantitative record-keeping. As troubleshooting is often required, this person should feel comfortable innovating solutions and collaborating with Operations and Maintenance departments. They will report to the Director of Cultivation or Master Grower. 

Interested in learning more about a career in cannabis as a Fertigation Manager or Leader? Contact FlowerHire here with your resume and someone will be in touch! 

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