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Talent in Cannabis: Interview Series w/ Shelby Griebel

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Shelby Greibel 

What do you?

Currently, I’m the MIP Director for Northeast Alternatives based in Massachusetts. We’re building out a wholesaling program through the purchase and operation of large scale kitchen and packaging equipment needed for an exponential increase in production.


What is the Hardest part of what you do, and the Best part of it?


The hardest part has been learning the compliance in a new state, a different state inventory monitoring program and of course familiarizing myself with a new company and it’s operational teams. I was with my previous company for five and a half years so I knew everything about daily operations inside and out. It’s been a struggle to learn everything I need to know to perform my job duties in a short period of time.
The best part is working alongside people with the same views and goals as myself. We are all working together to achieve a common goal and we’re all on the same page! We’re 100% aligned with each other.

How did you discover cannabis and why did you get into it?

I discovered cannabis as a useful tool to decrease my stress and anxiety. I am an extremely high strung person and can easily become over stimulated. Cannabis helps me to stay attentive to extremely important details and remain calm during stressful times. I started making extracts and edibles at home when my mother was terminally ill with cancer. The benefits it had on her last years of life were astounding. A year after she passed away I took my first, entry level position with a cannabis company, eager to continue to help those that need an alternative form of medicine.

What do you tell people who want to get in this industry?

For those looking to get into this industry… DO IT!! I started out in the trim room and have been a director at an operation level for four years now. We grow so quickly there are opportunities at every corner. Not only is there exceptional career potential in this industry but there are tangible rewards to your labors every day. It is such a rewarding experience… every day.

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