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30 May: Letter From The Founder – May 2019
This past month represents the “holiday season” in cannabis. Interfacing with operators across cannabis prepping for and dealing with 420, Hall of Flowers, deal making and general survival that is the Cannabis industry was intense.
19 Apr: Letter From The Founder

Every now and then, time slows and seems to hover around a seemingly insignificant moment. Later, looking back, you realize why that seemingly insignificant moment needed to become a part of you. As small as it may have seemed at the time, it’s those finite moments that end up defining the most substantial pieces of you.

07 Jan: CFOs in Cannabis: The New Frontier

In August of 1848, when the New York Herald announced the news of gold found in California, workers from across the country went West in search of an opportunity to stake their claim and strike it rich while there was still a chance.

03 Dec: Top Takeaways from MJBIZCon 2018

MJBiz was a whirlwind this year. The FlowerHire team was (of course) present from the pre-event through the day after the final after-party. We had a great time and all felt that the cannabis industry was in incredible shape and geared up for a strong performance in 2019.

28 Jul: Connecting the Dots into Cannabis

When the average person thinks or talks about jobs in cannabis, images of large farms with laborers in the fields painting the crops are what initially comes to mind. If you’ve experienced a clinic or dispensary, perhaps the security guards or sales associates come to mind as well.