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Inside the Org Chart: Director of Edibles

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This month on Inside the Org Chart we’re talking about the Director of Edibles, 

This is a key role that we’re seeing an increased need for in many adult-use markets across the country. 

A successful licensed cannabis manufacturer that is making products to be sold at adult-use dispensaries needs at least one “Edibles Expert” who can effectively take the flower they receive from grower processors in their state (or from their own grow, if they are vertically integrated) and turn it into delicious, compliant, and appropriately- dosed and labeled edible products they can sell to dispensaries across the state or states where they operate.  

The Director of Edibles is primarily responsible for the formulation and development of new and existing consumer products including gummies, candies, chocolates, and in large operations with many SKUs, live resin, sauce, concentrates and nano emulsions. 

This includes working with vendors to source ingredients and equipment, child resistant packaging, and to assess and implement new edibles manufacturing technologies. 

The leader in this role is also responsible for managing all kitchen operations, and at the senior level is responsible for hiring, firing, performance management and recognition duties of the kitchen staff, ensuring all food safety regulations are followed, creating daily work schedule(s) and planning and organizing workload and staff assignment.  

In a hyper-growth MSO or SSO that is taking on new locations at a rapid pace, he/she will be  responsible for designing kitchens for new facilities and lab expansions, and/or be able to optimize and scale-up existing edibles manufacturing processes to increase production in accordance with demand. It’s critical that this person have the skills and experience to keep the product quality up while also manufacturing large amounts of units.

The ideal candidate is a great hands-on mentor and leader, and not only can he handle the team management and SOP/process build-out piece, but can also run product formulation and R&D.  

The most qualified person for this role is someone with a Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or  university,  or a Culinary Certificate, and 5-7 years of Culinary experience as  a Lead Chef or Baker, with extensive experience with candy and confections. 

Interested in learning more about a career in cannabis in Edibles? Visit our Job Listings Page and apply for jobs in two clicks.

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