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Community in the Commonwealth: Massachusetts welcomes FlowerHire

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Sponsored by Paragon, Headset, and Silver Therapeutics


On one of the brightest and warmest November days the Northeast has ever experienced, about 150 cannabis executives attended FlowerHire’s Community in the Commonwealth event. With the warm breeze swirling the foliage and the half-moon high in the sky, many of us were in just t-shirts while toasting craft cocktails and Levia’s seltzers.

The scent of cannabis flowed down Union Square where most attendees took a moment to enjoy some patio-time, before heading down the stairs to Vera’s entrance.

The ambiance felt like a classy, underground speakeasy humming with connection, laughter, and insightful conversation. Right when you walked in, there were products left and right from 1906 New Highs, Happy Valley, Kiva and Levia, and PrePacks, which  kept things elevated!

Attendees brought the energy as soon as they checked in.. It was incredible to see how tightly-knit the community in Massachusetts is. The vibe… unreal. The Mass cannabis community is truly one-of-a-kind.

One of our favorite things about throwing these events is the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the unique cannabis cultures in different key markets around the country. It enables us to connect the best communities with the best-matched talent.

Aside from the meaningful connections made, one of the highlights was the exclusive data insights on the Massachusetts market that Headset provided. Nothing like getting a market edge before the data goes live!

The room was buzzing well past the end time. And then we all reconvened the following night at another industry event from our buddy Matt Catalano, which kept the flames of connection lit.

Thank you to our sponsors 

You made this night happen and are helping us build the MA industry brick-by-brick:

What attendees have to say:

Abbe Schnibbe, Director of Operations, Blue Box Brands

Abbe said, “It’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen some of the top talent and executives in the MA market all in one place. Shout out to Flowerhire for always bringing the best of the best together. Big things are happening in MA and it’s these kinds of events that spark the connections and innovation we need to make it all happen.” 

Kathleen Hegedus, Geo Market Manager, Northeast at KIVA 

Kathleen said, “Attending Community in the Commonwealth both as a longtime Flowerhire fan and also as a brand was a full circle moment for me! From the incredible venue, reconnecting with those who placed me into my role so many years ago, to now building new connections in our dynamically evolving market made the evening an absolute treat from start to finish!

Cory Ravelson, Chief Operating Officer at Fine Fettle

Cory said, “All FlowerHire events are super fun and productive, but this MA-based event was particularly effective. The combination of reconnecting with existing industry colleagues while also making valuable new connections is exactly what I hope for in a night of networking” 

Jessica Vandewalle VP of Wholesale Happy Valley

Jessica said, “Wonderful event experience from the organization to implement.  It was refreshing to see an eclectic crowd of cannabis professionals!”

Mindaugas Maciulis, Chief Operating Officer, Revolutionary Clinics

Mindaugas said, “It was one of the most engaging professional events I’ve had all year. I got to know so many new people that continue to shape the industry. Thanks to FlowerHire for a wonderful event.” 

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If you’re interested in partnering with FlowerHire, please contact our incredible Head of Events, Amirose Eisenbach: 


Photos courtesy of Patrick Rogers. View full album of event here.

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