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Every Cannabis Executive Job Has Value and Can Be a Strategic Hire

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The future of your business will be the result of the people you hire now.

Given the day to to day pace and craziness of the Cannabis Industry, it can be a serious challenge to think strategically while trying to meet the demands of a role in this space. It can be tough to “see the forest for the trees.” But the reality is, right now, in cannabis, we’re only laying the groundwork for the future of the cannabis industry. We’re all still in the cannabis “minor leagues,” because, simply, the cannabis “major leagues” do not exist yet.  So you, as the leaders (and future leaders) of the industry, must think strategically about where your companies are going to be in a few years time.  Not doing so is an enterprise risk.

But with no time, and the need for creative problem solving at all levels, what are the solutions you can find, right now? Currently, cannabis companies are trying to grow revenues and market share, and they are chasing demand – it really is a wonderful time. Some companies are even making money. Some are making a lot of money. Some are raising money. Others are publicly traded, or soon will be. And then there are the host of deep, complex issues still to be worked out…

Clearly, there are structural changes that need to happen around federal legalization. And when federal legalization does happen, we have no real idea how states are going to react, or how markets will be affected. We can make strong, educated guesses… but we have no real idea, yet.

Up to this point, we’ve been in a constant battle of making money today while keeping our options open for tomorrow – in preparation for the unpredictable. So, again, what are the right moves to be making right now?

Right now, every decision you make has the potential for strategic impact.

And while we can’t predict what will happen… you need to be making all of your cannabis hires – from retail jobs to cannabis executive jobs – from a strategic perspective. The strategic impact of an addition to headcount or resources, during times of exponential growth, can allow others in the organization more space to think strategically, innovate, and solve their daily tasks more efficiently.  

This is how a company scales, at a granular level. Because your future depends on how many of those hires you get correct, and those are the people who will take you to the cannabis “major leagues.”

THIS is the before time. And making the right choices during this phase of the industry is critical for both the future of your company and the future of the cannabis industry as a whole.

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Hire the best for your business

Request a free talent consultation to learn about executive hiring, compensation, and equity in the cannabis industry.

Your people are the most valuable asset in any business, but this is critically so in the cannabis industry.

Because of the current legalization status of cannabis, companies are setting up stand-alone businesses in different states, under an umbrella ownership or operating agreement. So a company’s business in California follows different rules than the same company’s business in Massachusetts. 

You need more time. And hiring the right people gives you more time.

Ultimately, companies (like all people) need more time – hiring helps you get time back (3).

People are the most efficient way to grow your business. But only if you hire the right people… You need people who are problem-solvers and don’t need to be micro-managed. Employees should be able to do at least 80% of their job without coming to you.

Consider this scenario: You’re too busy because you have five different jobs to do. And you’d free up a lot of time if you could find someone to do just one of those jobs, independently and well. So you need someone who: 

  • You can trust
  • Has the skills
  • Shows up on time
  • Makes your job easier

Whether you need someone to run the registers at a retail store, or you need someone to manage a manufacturing facility… your cannabis hires should take something off your hands, and ultimately save you time. Then you can refocus your time and energy to be most productive.

The work year is only just over 2000 hours. So if there’s a task that’s taking you an hour every day, that’s about an eighth of your entire work year — or over 200 hours. So spend money on hiring someone now so you can free up your time to start planning strategically and making more money long-term.

Every cannabis executive job has the opportunity to be strategic. Every retail position has the opportunity to be strategic. 

So the opportunity is right in front of you. You just need to know which choice is the right choice. The FlowerHire team’s expertise greatly supports making successful choices for you in your cannabis executive search, so you can have full confidence in your new hires. Plus, making a bad hire costs you (1).

We’re all in this together. We’re building no less than a new industry from scratch. We want it to grow, succeed, and thrive. Which means choosing the right employees and partners.

Hiring a cannabis recruiting agency for your cannabis executive search is a strategic move

We’re not just saying this to boast… We genuinely mean that hiring a cannabis recruiting agency is your best move for strategic development.

Why? Because cannabis executive recruiters: 

  • Understand what problems other businesses are facing, so recruiters can best anticipate what’s coming down the pipeline for you.
  • See how other companies are solving problems so recruiters know – in a fast-changing environment – what’s working in the industry.
  • Have a firm understanding of the hierarchy of skill sets most necessary and valuable for your open positions, so recruiters can find the best match.
  • Help you build job descriptions and roles that will best match your business’s needs, so you can maximize the potential of your roles.
  • Free up your time, so you can focus on money-making areas of your business.
  • Are well-networked in the industry (and other related industries, CPG, Food/Bev, Pharma, etc.), so recruiters can find ideal candidates that match both your needs and your company culture.
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Choose business partners who best align with your short and long term goals

At FlowerHire, we partner with companies that are committed to this great adventure for (at least) the next 3-5 years. So we’re choosing partners who are perfectly aligned with our goals and mission. 

We’re thinking about both today and years from now. And just throwing money at the problem at the start is the wrong way to grow in an industry that’s so unpredictable. 

That’s why we highly recommend you invest in today by building out your team with the right people — people who align with your long-term goals and mission. 

Lay the groundwork and prepare to take on the future of cannabis by building your company with a strong team. Be selective and partner with other companies that you want to be with, on this ride, long-term… we’re all in this together.

When you partner with another company, make sure your focuses — both granular, and big picture — align with each other, on all levels.

What to look for during your cannabis executive search

When you’re hiring for cannabis executive jobs, there are some tell-tale commonalities among hires that bring you a strategic advantage in cannabis. Look for these qualities:

  1. Ready to do whatever it takes.
  2. Willingness to take a pay cut.
  3. Ability to pivot, adapt, and apply an existing skillset to new situations.
  4. The ability to take on a challenge and turn it around.
  5. History of having an impact or a success story.
  6. Dedication to the industry. Someone who says, “If I don’t get this job, I still want to work in cannabis.”

In the emerging cannabis industry, many people are getting “beat up” because there is no one, secure path to success. But there is one constant: the people who have the passion to bounce back are the ones who set themselves apart. They’re the ones who will do whatever it takes to make this industry, and your business, reach new heights.

Hire the best for your business

Request a free talent consultation to learn about executive hiring, compensation, and equity in the cannabis industry.

We make the right call for you

Let’s face it. Knowing who to pick for a position – who to trust your business with and who has the skills to actually take your business to the “major leagues” – is a tough call. It takes a combination of experience, knowledge, and intuition.

When you partner with FlowerHire, you’re hiring our expert judgment. We tell you, “Choose this person for this role. Pick this person. And we’re telling you to pick this person because of x, y, and z. This person will help you get from here to where you want to go. This person will help you reach your goals and bring you closer to your vision.”

Photo courtesy of Javier Allegue Barros.

But it’s more than just picking the right person for a role. You’re dealing with a real human being. Someone with a life. Someone who may very well have a family who this decision will also affect.

Your business is a precious endeavor. And when you partner with us, you’re trusting us with your mind, heart, and elbow grease. Because the human beings you hire are the future of your business.

So, see us as your advisors. And a way to bring soul to your company and define your hiring strategy (2). Because when you’re choosing cannabis employees, you’re choosing the human beings to help make your most precious work a thriving success. Your hires are the people who will bring your company to unforeseen successes. Invest in them. Because they are your best asset.

Investing in your people is the right thing to do, on all levels.

From cancer wards to a great birthday party, cannabis can change lives. And it can be so much to everyone if we grow our industry the right way. 

Legalization is just the right thing to do, morally. For freedom of choice. For promising medical research. For dismantling the disastrous ‘War on Drugs’ impact on those both currently – and formerly – incarcerated. (And the inclusion of some of the very people who bring deep knowledge and experience, who were refused a seat at the table.).

And putting the right people in the right positions benefits everyone. We need the right people in decision-making positions. We need to trust the people we’re hiring to do the right thing. It’s critical to both the success of your business and the industry as a whole.

How can you bring the right people into this industry?

How can you pick the best people – the best leaders – to work with?

Original photo by Micheile Henderson.

Building a conscious cannabis community

David Belsky, CEO and founder of FlowerHire, says, “We’re building a conscious cannabis community.” At FlowerHire, we carefully choose employees and partners who share our vision. We’re carefully building community. And our community is within the cannabis community, as is yours. Smaller communities, together, make up what the greater community will be.

As a company, you personally take on your employees. You take on their skills, personality, their past, and their future. And all of those factors impact the future of your business. 

The future of your business will be the result of the people you hire now.  How can you guarantee the success of your business (and the success of our industry) if you’re not certain who to hire at this critical time?

At FlowerHire, we are here for cannabis. And we’re here for the people. Which means we’re here for you. Right this minute, your cannabis business is impacting the future of our industry. And since we’re in this together, we have a collective responsibility – and agency – to responsibly grow the cannabis industry.

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