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Which Cannabis Job is Right for Me? Take Our Quiz!

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With all the different types of jobs in the cannabis industry, how do you know which cannabis job is right for you?

You’re googling everything from “what does a budtender make?”  to “what does a compliance director do?” 

You know you want to work in cannabis, but it feels like you’re getting nowhere in your search… Well, we’re here to help point you in the right direction so you can jump into the cannabis industry feeling like you’re on the right path for you.

First, let’s assess your skills and what you enjoy doing. And then we’ll take a deeper dive and help you choose which direction to go in our QUIZ.

1 How much do you know about cannabis?

  1. I know a lot! I know about the plant, cultivation, laws, and regulations. 
  2. I know a lot about the plant, but not much about laws and regulations.
  3. I know a little bit about the plant, but not much about laws and regulations.
  4. I don’t know much except that I like cannabis and I’m excited to learn.

How much do I need to know about cannabis to work in the cannabis industry?

The answer to this question depends on the position you’re applying to. 

If you’re well versed in cannabis laws and regulations and answered option A, you might be a good fit for a position in compliance. You’ll need to know the specific laws and regulations within your operating state. A lot of responsibility comes with working in compliance. If a business is operating non-compliantly, it may be fined with heavy fees or be shut down.

You chose option B? Consider a position in cultivation. Cultivation jobs are in-demand (1).  Some positions that might be a good fit would be a grower, harvester, trimmer, or cultivation worker. Knowing the parts of the cannabis plant is essential if you’re working in cultivation.

If you answered option C, have you thought about retail? A budtender, delivery person, or store manager? It’s important to still have a basic understanding of the industry and the plant, but heavy knowledge of the plant is not necessary. Retail workers must be curious and informed about products (1).

You answered D? We love your excitement! Passion, for such a pivotal moment in history, is essential (2). If you don’t know much about the plant and are looking for an entry-level position, look into packaging and delivery positions. In both packaging and delivery, you’re not working directly with the plant and there is minimal interaction with the general public. These are great entry-level positions that have a lot of learning opportunities.

2 How much do you like interacting with people?

  1. I love people! Talking to different people keeps things interesting. I have to be interacting with people to enjoy my day.
  2. I like talking to new people and helping them find what they need.
  3. I’m an introvert and could go without talking to people. I like working with a small team and bonding with the same people every day.
  4. I don’t like people and would rather work on my own.

Do I need to interact with people to work in the cannabis industry?

Did you answer A? You sound like you might be a fit for human resources or a dispensary manager. Cannabis needs people who like people! So if you’re a people person, let’s find you a position where your skills shine.

If you answered B, then a budtender might be a good fit for you. The cannabis industry needs salespersons who want to intentionally help others—not solely trying to sell products. Of course, products need to be sold… But it’s important to hear and understand a customer’s true needs and match them with a product for those needs, preferences, and/or desires. This means you need a strong desire to learn and understand different products.

There are a few options for answer C. We recommend doing some research on positions in cultivation, production, or extraction. When you work in these positions, you’re not regularly facing the public. You’re likely to work with a close-knit team.

If you answered D, you might be a good fit for a delivery driver. You’ll spend most of your time alone in the car, and usually only have to interact with people when you pick up and drop off orders. If driving doesn’t sound appealing to you, another option might be packaging.

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Source: Felicity Marshall

3 Which of the following cannabis job features best matches you:

  1. Someone who’s creative and loves creating visuals
  2. Where science and food meet
  3. Dive deep into the nitty-gritty details
  4. A collaborative, organized team-player

What other cannabis jobs are there?

Depending on the skills you have to offer, there are a ton of other job opportunities in the cannabis industry. It can feel like there are mostly opportunities to be a trimmer, budtender, extractor, or cultivator… but if you think outside the box, you’ll see there are endless possibilities.

If you answered A, and you have experience in design or photography, you could be a good candidate for a position in digital marketing. Since the cannabis industry is so heavily regulated, cannabis businesses need strong digital marketers. So if you’re a skilled photographer or graphic designer, there may be a place for you as a digital content creator for Instagram posts and/or website design.

If you have culinary experience and enjoy the science behind food, you may love a job working as an edible creator. Edibles need to be both mouth-watering delicious and precisely dosed (3). There are also cannabis chefs who need sous chefs and help in the kitchen. This could be a great entry-level position if you’re looking to break into the industry and have experience in the food industry.

If you answered C, you might be an excellent product inventory manager or production manager. These positions require meticulous attention to detail.

Every team needs someone they can rely on to stay on top of administrative work. Since you answered D, you seem like an organized team-player! Bring those skills to a team that needs help staying on top of paperwork, emails, and following-up on tasks. You may be a rockstar administrative assistant.

Unique cannabis jobs

The cannabis industry has opportunities like accounting, law, and marketing just like other industries (4). And since the industry is so new, there are opportunities to carve out space for yourself. Once you realize this, answering the question “which cannabis job is right for me?” feels easier.

If you’re not seeing a position online that fits closely with what you’ve done in the past, that does not mean there isn’t a way you can creatively apply your skills to the industry.

At FlowerHire, we value community, authenticity, transparency, and execution. And we find these skills are valued across the industry. 

So think about your own skills and take our quiz below. Your self-assessment combined with ours should help lead you to the path of breaking into the cannabis industry. 

Once you feel like you can answer the question “which cannabis job is right for me?” you can start learning HOW TO FIND YOUR NEW JOB IN THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY.

You’re almost there. We can’t wait to see you thrive!





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