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Sunset Sessions | Gabe Kennedy, Co-Founder of Plant People

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Watch the full webinar here:

FlowerHire‘s CRO Sloane Barbour sat down with the incredible Gabe Kennedy, Co-founder of Plant People.  Plant People creates high-performance hemp and herbal products with the mission to heal and connect people. Sloane and Gabe discuss the journey that was building Plant People and the impact COVID-19 has had on the company.

Gabe cames from a family that had a strong belief in alternative medicine, so wanting to find solutions outside of big pharma was part of who he was. He understands the importance of paying attention to what we put into our bodies as well as taking care of our planet. When creating Plant People with his co-founder Hudson Gaines-Ross, he wanted the company and its employees to continue this stewardship to doing good for the planet and people. Together they made sure there was always an active approach to rebuilding the health of people and the planet, whether that means through their regenerative agriculture, packaging, or operations. For example, for every product, they sell Plant People will plant a tree.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Plant People has undoubtedly struggled. However, the company’s mission and mentality have not changed. Plant People knows the importance of setting new realistic goals, being gentle with their approach, and staying truthful. During this difficult time, it is easy to lack intention or integrity, yet Plant People has held on to both. While they continue to find new ways of making revenue, they have not forgotten to support small businesses and maintain the dream that this plant has the opportunity to change the world.

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