Regulatory Policy and Cannabis in the Wake of Covid 19

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Watch the full webinar here:

Covid-19 has adjusted the way we live our daily lives.  Gaining an “essential services” designation alone was an important milestone for the industry.  This was waged on a state by state basis and has required collaboration between city/state governments more broadly. Will these changes, some designed to be temporary, actually be here to stay?

FlowerHire and Leafwire assembled a panel of industry-leading cannabis regulatory and policy professionals to not only discuss the current state of cannabis policy during Covid-19. Some topics touched upon including the following:

  • How was this policy conversation handled at the state level and was there a lot of resistance to giving cannabis an essential service designation?
  • Have cities fallen in line with state guidance in allowing retail and cannabis operations to continue?

As the unemployment rate rises across the country, cannabis is hiring. Now is a great time for cannabis companies to be hiring because highly skilled people are looking for jobs.

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