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Introducing FlowerHire Senior Advisors

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An open Letter from Brian Fitzgerald

My name is Brian Fitzgerald and I lead FlowerHire Senior Advisors, our dedicated Executive & Board Search practice.

After fifteen years in the world of boutique executive and board search for public and private companies across North America, I began conducting retained executive searches for cannabis companies in late 2017. It seems like a lifetime ago. I became enamored of this industry and, like all of you, sought to bring my experience, expertise, and energy to this once in a generation opportunity. Also like many of you, I found that this exciting exponential growth brings with it truly unique challenges. FlowerHire has quickly become the leading talent firm in the cannabis space and after partnering with them on several engagements in 2020, I jumped at the chance to join the platform that our team, led by Founder & CEO David Belsky, are building.

In bringing my executive search and advisory practice to FlowerHire, and with the recent launch of our cloud-based staffing solution, FlowerHire X, we can now bring a level of service and strategic understanding to our clients that no other firm can offer. In a growth industry such as ours, every detail will matter, and FlowerHire can now offer our clients a distinct, and measurable, competitive advantage.

Thanks to the election in my home state of Georgia (certainly our most meaningful contribution to this industry, thus far), we in the cannabis space now seem a bit more popular than in recent memory. There are new strategies to consider, new partners to evaluate, and new “pathways to value.” Structural, cultural, and strategic opportunities abound.

No other firm can say they have the trust of so many board members and C-Suite executives in the cannabis space. That is our difference, and our offer to clients, and it’s simply because we value that trust more highly than anyone else.

You demand that level of trust and service from your professional service advisors, whether your lawyers, your accountants, and, I certainly hope, of your talent acquisition partners.

I am looking forward to connecting directly with anyone operating in Cannabis, or looking to jump into the space, for c-suite, board, and advisory roles. You can simply email me at, and I’ll share some “thought leadership” every once in a while, but also send various executive and board roles that we are working on. I would value your insights and, who knows, something may come along that you have an interest in discussing.

Regardless, I hope we get the chance to connect soon, whether personally or professionally. And, if FlowerHire can be helpful to you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

For our Firm,

Brian Fitzgerald

Partner, FlowerHire Senior Advisors

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