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They Sell Bulk, We Provide Vision

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Do I really want something this important, with such significant implications, in the hands of a person who was simply affordable, and not the best?

Imagine for a moment that you’re wearing scrubs. You’re relatively fit, but, surprisingly, you’re in the midst of being prepped and outfitted for major surgery. Surgery that could potentially have major implications for the rest of your days. You peer through a window and see the surgeon, hands trembling as he fumbles through your chart, unable to even hold posture and stance. It shakes you, but, not wanting to meddle in the affairs of professionals and outside your experience, you stay quite.

A nurse comes in to tell you what will occur in the following moments. She casually slips in the fact that this is a fortunate event. Your surgeon is the cheapest one available! She went on to say that the only reason he was so much cheaper than the others is because he is somewhat less trained than them. However, he had been vetted by fellow doctors, and they were relatively positive that he could do the task at hand.

You pause, some level of stress and anxiety grip you. Do I really want something this important, with such significant implications, in the hands of a person who was simply affordable, and not the best?

This is dramatic, certainly, but we want to paint this scenario to illustrate and emphasize an important discrepancy. These significant tasks require the best people. The best people are predicated on experience. In order to locate the best and most experienced, you need a team of people who know exactly what to look for.

The cannabis industry is many things, but let’s dispel one notion immediately; this is not an industry solely populated by former pot-heads, broken toys, hucksters, charlatans, or bullshit artists. The truth is that these companies are extremely complex and malleable companies that need to proactively devise plans in order to shift and augment themselves in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Thankfully, some of the best and brightest in our industry bring years of experience from parallel industries. Many are forgoing extremely cushy jobs and the support of a bevy of budding professionals, services, and networks, to enter an industry that is very much so still in the cradle.

The question raised is, “Why?”. Why would someone who has spent decades ingratiating themselves in legacy firms step out of the fold and into the fray? It’s simple. They want to build.

They want to build culture. They want to build processes. They want to build institutions and firms that will stand the test of time. We notice this so often in our conversations with executives. They have a distinct vision, and an unending itch to test themselves for the first time in a new framework that is somehow familiar, yet completely alien at the same time.

Opportunity abounds in our industry but having companies and progressive executives join isn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy. They don’t just simply find each other. In the event an executive from a major, Fortune 500 company, does happen upon an opportunity, they will have no way of diagnosing that opportunity. There is no rubric or former colleague to vouch for the company or its credibility. And, to be frank, this is our secret sauce at FlowerHire.


We are here as a resource. We are, first and foremost, here to educate executives. While other staffing companies play the important role of supporting the structural brick and mortar roles that continually permeate the space, we specialize in understanding the capability of the c-suite and how vital it is to the longevity of that company.

At FlowerHire, we pride ourselves on our ability to not just qualify those fervent few who wish to explore our space, but to qualify them through a series of conversations. Allowing us to elaborate on the granular level details that, en masse, are pivotal for any executive to understand before stepping into a leadership role. Knowing, understanding, and communicating the implications of all the minutia is what makes the difference between an executive who might believe they can simply super-impose best practices from outside industry onto cannabis, and an executive fully aware and capable of navigating the actual terrain.

Finding the right executive for your company isn’t just another bulk transaction. This is one, if not the, most important roles in the company. Just like hiring the best surgeon can have serious implications for your future, hiring the right executive for your company also has significant implications for the company’s future.

At FlowerHire we thoroughly vet any potential candidate based on our own expertise, and a knowledge base informed by a deeply rooted understanding of every facet and caveat in the industry.

Our team has spent countless hours ensuring that we have developed a model simply just allows us to provide a greater value to our clients. 280-E? Child-proof bag? Quality control mechanisms? Pending legislation? We pull and intuit all this information before we ever even enter a conversation. To elaborate on present and future industry circumstance, we test the mettle of potential candidates by showing them what will be, not simply the role as it is.

The next time you find yourself caught in another conversation with a “service provider” that is offering low low rates for high high returns, ask yourself: would I go with the cheapest surgeon?

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