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The cannabis industry celebrates our purpose

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Each year, we see 420 celebrations in more and more states. And for FlowerHire, part of celebration is to honor the many reasons we are drawn to this remarkable industry and glorious community. 

What is a ‘why’? Our ‘why’ is what drives us forward, every day. It’s the spark that ignites our inspiration. It’s what gets us up and moving. It’s that thing inside of us that keeps us here, in the cannabis industry, despite the plethora of challenges that we encounter.

The importance of knowing your ‘why’

This industry requires constant innovation. And that innovation is led by our ‘why’. 

The cannabis industry encounters challenges unlike any other industry. But thankfully, we’re surrounded by some of the most passionate, dedicated, and resourceful people in the world. As we continue to grow this industry, it’s never been more important to keep the spark alive. 

Every challenge is an opportunity. In cannabis, what works in every market, state, and city is different. What works from year to year and day to day is different. Keeping your ‘why’ front and center helps to see the opportunity in every challenge, maintaining the desire to learn more, solve more, and build more – replacing chaos with harmony. 

Sharing the truth inside of us is what harmoniously connects us and gives us the energy to go out into the industry and push forward to make change happen. 

Whether your ‘why’ is justice, family, health, wealth, career, success, your children, your pets, or your goals, your ‘why’ matters and is a part of what keeps the cannabis industry alive.

To keep us in collective harmony, we’re going back to our values and sharing our ‘why’ through the #thatsmywhy initiative.  Our values are our ‘why’ and our ‘why’ starts with gratitude. Gratitude is consciousness.

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Why #thatsmywhy?

The idea for this campaign started at the annual FlowerHire kickoff event in January 2024. We started our kick-off week by talking about the importance of bringing your job back to your personal mission. In other words, our individual ‘why’ for being here.

Since then, the FlowerHire team has been reconnecting with our ‘why’. In our weekly team meeting, someone shares what their personal reason is. The person shares what brought them to the industry and what keeps them in the industry. Everyone’s ‘why’ is different. And each story reignites the passion and inspiration inside of us.

This exercise has worked so well for us as a team that we wanted to share it with the greater cannabis community. We hope to reignite inspiration across the entire industry to accelerate the growth and positive trajectory of the industry.

How to hear #thatsmywhy stories

In honor of 420, we’re sharing people’s stories through the #thatsmywhy initiative. We shared a survey with our networks, and the FlowerHire LinkedIn community, and shared it in our weekly newsletter. To hear people share their cannabis ‘why’, connect with us on social media to follow the #thatsmywhy initiative.

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We want YOU to share your story on social media and tag it with #thatsmywhy so we can hear each other’s stories. We will be posting ours and sharing it with others. See you on Instagram!

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