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These leading cannabis news sources will keep you informed and engaged

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We are so excited to share this with you! Cannabis industry professionals know it’s crucial to stay up to date on the latest cannabis news. Whether it be the changes in cannabis legislation, rapidly expanding companies, social equity in cannabis initiatives, or ground-breaking innovations. You know how important it is to stay current.

The problem is: everyone is trying to be a resource. So it can be hard to sift through and find the most reputable resources.  The ones you can always rely on to deliver the info you need to read, hear, or listen to, now.

The FlowerHire recruiters are always staying current. Did you know that we have a FlowerHire News Channel where employees share the most jaw-dropping and industry-changing news that we find? (There’s a little intel on what it’s like working with our team!) 

And through all of our time scouring the internet for info that will help us build a conscious cannabis community, we’ve come up with a few of our favorite content hubs.

We’ve compiled our list and curated it to share with you. Here you go!

The best places for cannabis industry news

Here is FlowerHire’s curated list of the most credible websites, podcasts, social media accounts, magazines, and newsletters. Check them out, sign up, and tag us on Instagram and LinkedIn to let us know what you think! 

Cannabis podcasts

Podcasts are one of the best ways to get expert intel. Most cannabis podcasts tend to be about 30-60 minutes of experts conversing and deep-diving into a hot topic. You can Google a topic all you want, but nothing beats listening to first-hand accounts, verbally spoken by the experts themselves. Plus, you can really get a sense of a person’s personality when you hear (or watch) them speak.

Tip for job seekers: Listen to the leaders of the company you’re applying to on podcasts (if they’ve been featured, of course). You’ll really get a sense of their company values and your potential employer’s brand. This can be an insightful way to know if it’s a good fit.


ontherevel was founded by two cannabis entrepreneurs in New York City, Lulu Tsui and Jacobi Holland. After having experience in cannabis and tech in the western states, they felt New York’s local events lacked quality, diversity, and access to operators. ontherevel hosts regular in-person events and online content designed to both highlight business opportunities and celebrate diversity. ontherevel is working to create a healthier cannabis business community while strengthening the industry. Check out ontherevel’s Dope People Show for real talk with dope people.

Elevate Your Grind

Elevate Your Grind is a podcast produced by Cannabis LAB (Law, Accounting, and Business). Cannabis LAB, an award-winning foundation, has been dedicated to the industry for years. They specialize in cannabis legalization and business. The host of Elevate Your Grind, Todd Rosales, explores the world of cannabis through weekly interviews with entrepreneurs, experts, and advocates in the industry. Todd’s personality shines through in his interviews and brings out an unmatched level of authenticity in his interviewees. The conversations are always real, thought-provoking, and feel like you’re sitting in on the conversation.

Blunt Business Podcast

The Blunt Business Podcast is for anyone looking to successfully grow a business in the cannabis industry with a forward-thinking mindset. Blunt Business, hosted by Cannabis Radio, takes a deep interest in the future of the cannabis industry – as it continues moving towards federal legalization. Blunt Business hosts a wide range of leading names in the industry, specifically CEOs and high-level leaders of top cannabis companies – those who are considering where the industry is going. As the podcast show approaches its 250th episode as of October 2021, the host expertly leads the conversation in a way that helps you effectively navigate the important, often nuanced, cannabis industry issues.


The CannaInsider podcast is known for hosting the people who are leading the evolution of the cannabis industry. From chemists to dispensary owners, to investors and producers of cannabis, CannaInsider highlights behind-the-scenes innovations that are pushing the industry forward in new ways. The host’s warm and welcoming personality often asks “and how is that changing the cannabis industry?” Learn about cannabis laws, advancements in cannabis technology, cannabis job creation, and investment opportunities in cannabis.

Thinking Outside the Bud

Thinking Outside the Bud is dedicated to driving innovation in the industry. During each episode, the host, Bruce Eckfeldt, interviews experts such as policymakers, leaders, researchers, and advocates of the industry. As the title suggests, the podcast interviews people who are thinking outside the box. The conversations show listeners how interviewees’ thinking outside the box is what’s moving the industry forward. Together, the host and interviewee circle in on the positive ways the industry impacts culture, business, and society. Thinking Outside the Bud is approaching its 300th episode as of October 2021.


Publications are where you’ll find the majority of your cannabis information as a researcher. Publications provide a multitude of websites, articles, and research presentations in their most extensive forms.

Green Entrepreneur

Green Entrepreneur is a subsite of, one of the most prominent global business news networks for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur has dominated the industry for the past 44 years. And since the cannabis industry is an entire industry of entrepreneurs, the cannabis industry needed its own subsite. Green Entrepreneur focuses specifically on the cannabis industry. Green Entrepreneur reports news on business, growing entrepreneurship, developments in technology, and policy changes in the cannabis industry. Green Entrepreneur is known for its helpful, to-the-point, and no-fluff content – it’s quickly become one of the most well-known, leading cannabis publications.


MJBizDaily is a Colorado-based news network serving as a source of industry information for all kinds of cannabis advocates. Since 2011, MJBizDaily has been one of the most trusted business-to-business news sources for the cannabis industry in both the U.S. and Canada. MJBizDaily is exclusively written by professional journalists. Its content is tailored to large-scale cultivators, infused product makers, major investors, processors and testing labs, financial services, ancillary businesses, dispensaries, and recreational retailers. MJBiz also hosts the largest leading cannabis industry business conventions, MJBizCon.


If you haven’t heard about Leafly already, you certainly won’t forget it after visiting their website. Most people visit Leafly to look up strains, find deals at dispensaries and skim through reviews on practically every licensed cannabis product in the book. But that’s not all they do, Leafly serves as a news outlet for everything currently going on in the industry. It also has a section called “Cannabis 101” which teaches you how to properly and safely consume cannabis. Leafly caters to both “cannacurious” and “cannaisseur” cannabis consumers.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist is a news outlet whose philosophy is to educate through discussion – advocating for clean cannabis consumption, business best practices, and transparent resourceful information in the industry. Their goal is to let politicians, lawmakers, and business owners hear the voices of cannabis consumers. The Blacklist is known for circling in on controversial issues that many other networks might be hesitant to discuss. Through these discussions, The Blacklist hopes to establish a high and defined industry standard.

Marijuana Moment

Marijuana Moment is a leading news network in the cannabis industry dedicated to “up to the minute” news on business, politics, and the general culture of cannabis. It’s edited by legalization veteran Tom Angell, who’s helped activists, policymakers, consumers, and the public stay educated on cannabis for over 20 years. The goal of Marijuana Moment is to help readers understand the developments and trends that are impacting the cannabis industry by the minute.

Cannabis Law Report

The Cannabis Law Report focuses primarily on cannabis legalization. Readers of this news network can keep a close eye on the regulations that surround the global cannabis industry. Cannabis Law Report covers everything cannabis law-related, from cannabis banking laws to state licensure and more. Sean Hocking is the co-founder of Cannabis Law Report and has worked professionally in legal publishing for over 25 years.

Cannabis Business Times

Cannabis Business Times is another news network among the top resources in the industry. Cannabis Business Times is known for its dedication to helping accelerate cannabis connoisseurs’ success in the industry. The network has diversified itself, reaching into legal, technological, financial, and market-based information. Cannabis Business Times educates its audience on everything there is to know in this ever-changing industry. Its goal is to provide actionable information that cannabis industry leaders can implement into their businesses.


Cannabis magazines have a track record of being the most engaging forms of in-your-face, physical sources of industry information. Magazines consist of infographics, photos, and articles that are often much easier to read than website articles or other publications.

Global Cannabis Times

Global Cannabis Times (GCT) provides the latest news, analysis, trends, and new product information vital for cannabis license holders, professionals, and those looking to enter the industry. GCT guides cannabis businesses on the journey from insights and strategy to execution and profitability. Their content provides what’s needed to super-charge businesses with columns written by industry experts, supplemented by photo-rich features. The quarterly magazine provides global news, analysis, trends, new product information, industry insights, business strategies, and directories for services and supplies. GCT also has an email newsletter and posts relevant articles on


CannaCurious Magazine is created for women, by women and is fighting the stigma and normalizing cannabis for women.CannaCurious aims to enhance women’s lives with cannabis by empowering them through relatable stories, factual information, and product recommendations. If you’re a woman who’s curious about how cannabis may enhance your life, but not sure where to start, CannaCurious is for you.

Different Leaf

Different Leaf Magazine is for people who are curious about cannabis and want to learn more. It helps people learn how to incorporate cannabis into their lives in a way that works for them. This magazine focuses on topics like cannabis legalization, cannabis products, strains, and dispensaries. One look at their eye-catching magazine covers will draw you in.

Dope Magazine

Dope Magazine‘s mission is to maintain diversity in cannabis, speaking to the diverse range of cannabis consumers, producers, business people, and researchers from all different walks of life. Their team knows that cannabis advocates and consumers are diverse and that diversity is not consistently represented accurately. Dope Magazine strives to report on all aspects of cannabis, ranging from consumer stories, company owners’ perspectives, political agendas, and changing policies to show the full picture of the industry.

Broccoli Magazine

Broccoli Magazine is a beautiful mesh of eclectic and playful vibes with thoughtful and forward-thinking content. Broccoli Magazine supports an intelligent and clever appreciation for cannabis by exploring culture, art, and fashion. Known for its international credibility, Broccoli Magazine pushes readers to develop new, thought-provoking perspectives on cannabis. This magazine was created entirely by women, making them revolutionary in the new era of cannabis.


Newsletters are one of the best ways to consistently stay updated on cannabis industry news. By signing up for a newsletter, all you have to do is check your email and the information is there at the click of a button. So many of us hang out in our inboxes daily, so you won’t miss a beat when you sign up for these newsletters.

The Green Paper

Founded by Matthew O’Brien, The Green Paper is a staple news source in the cannabis industry. Get the news, analysis, and insights you need from a former industry operator, Kaitlin Domangue, every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The Green Paper is produced by WorkWeek, a growing collective of industry experts who are changing the world of business by creating content you’ll actually enjoy. WorkWeek is where personalities are elevated, expertise runs deep, and entertainment and cultural relevance are embraced.

The LAB Report

The LAB Report by Cannabis LAB is a weekly newsletter that highlights the top, most current and impactful news. From political news to business news and innovations in the cannabis market, Cannabis LAB keeps you informed on topics related to law, accounting, and business. Cannabis LAB often include upwards of 10 critical news headlines that are must-reads for cannabis industry members.

Highly Objective Dai Truong

Highly Objective is a newsletter that reports on current events in the industry. Dai Truong’s hosts curated, 3rd party information with the goal to objectively inform cannabis industry members. There are multiple stories posted each week including stories on cannabis reform, changing regulations, investment banking, and mergers and acquisitions in the cannabis industry.


The GrownIn newsletter specializes in online training and learning for cannabis workers. GrownIn helps keep leaf-touching cannabis companies in regulatory compliance. GrownIn hosts critical information for leaf-touching companies – information including news on leading industry members, companies, regulators, and business growth in the market. They’re backed by a team of experienced writers with decades of knowledge in their field. GrownIn’s educational products are created by an experienced team of learning designers.

Beard Bros Pharms

With 250+ feature-length published articles, Beard Bros has made a name for themselves by authentically covering the grassroots of cannabis culture. Beard Bros Pharms is known for its unapologetic truth-telling and transparent workmanship that many publishers fail to abide by. Beard Bros focuses on facts and impartiality, giving you the most concrete information possible.

Weedweek logo for FlowerHire blog


Business journalist Alex Halperin started writing the WeedWeek newsletter in 2015. It now has more than 8,000 subscribers including many of the most influential figures in the cannabis world. They are known for their incisive writing, aggressive reporting, and editorially independent content. Subscribers can also access interactive maps with taxes, licenses and dispensary location info throughout the state.


FlowerHire’s content platform has quickly gained credibility and momentum due to our deep cannabis industry expertise and well-connected network.

For the past 4 years, our team here at FlowerHire has made it our dedicated prerogative to help cannabis companies build and maintain world-class teams. FlowerHire works alongside cannabis companies by supplying services such as contingency placement, retained and embedded search, and strategic talent advisory. FlowerHire now also serves hourly positions through our FlowerHire X platform. FlowerHire X uses cutting-edge AI to find the best-matched candidate for faster, more efficient hiring. Learn more about FlowerHire X. 

(Yes, we had to add ourselves to this list! We’ve consistently and passionately worked to deliver content that enriches your cannabis industry knowledge in an effort to support the health and growth of the industry. We’re thankful to YOU and the support you’ve shown us as we continue building our content platform. Sign up for the FlowerHire letter.)

Marijuana Moment

As stated previously in the publication section, Marijuana Moment specializes in “up to the minute” news from all aspects of the cannabis world. Their daily newsletter, by editor Tom Angell, consists primarily of policy changes in the industry but is not limited to only that sector. By signing up, you can stay updated on all of the key stories Marijuana Moment has on its website.


Social media is the mecca of easily accessible information that’s fun and engaging. Instagram is one of the best places to personally connect with other cannabis consumers, businesses, and content creators. Keep in mind that cannabis social media accounts sometimes get shut down due to regulations. So if you love a cannabis brand you follow on social media, make sure to also sign up for their newsletter to stay connected.


With a huge 100K plus following, Beard Bros Pharms continues to dominate the industry by spreading news and connecting with their following through social media. Beard Bros Pharms strives to give its audience a visual outlook of the industry on Instagram. Beard Bros Pharms Instagram account coincides with their newsletter, providing the information distributed in their newsletter to the Instagram community to reach the broader cannabis community.


With a following of about 13K as of October 2021 people worldwide, @floridatreesnews has been advocating for cannabis reform through their influential posts to fight cannabis prohibition. They post thought-provoking headlines, news, and anecdotes that push you to rethink and analyze where the industry currently stands and where it’s headed.


The Blacklist of Oklahoma is a regional-specific news network. The goal of their regional-specific Instagram accounts is to target their efforts – as mentioned above in the “newsletter” section of this blog – on specific regions. Blacklist also has accounts serving other various locations all across the United States. It connects its followers on social media with the goal of bridging the gap of communication between traditional and regulatory markets. They post a wide range of content from policy, to crime, to cannabis business.

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