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TBD with RMCC | Cannabis Company Hiring Trends with Dave Belsky

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David Belsky, CEO, and Founder of FlowerHire joins TBD with RMCC  to talk about how the hiring preferences have changed since he started the company, and how he finds good Canna-dates for these companies. Dave also discusses the challenges and processes of specific strategic hires.

While higher-level positions (c-suite and management roles) in the industry are harder to come by, David chose to go in that direction with FlowerHire that’s where he thought he could make the most impact on the industry.

High-level positions are some of the hardest roles to fill yet are critical for a company’s success. Many people who have gone into these roles at the start of a company are no longer in those positions. And a budding industry needs talented people to fill those positions to ensure the industry is built to last.

Based in California, FlowerHire is growing and has helped companies fill roles in 10 different states.

TBD with RMCC is a show created by Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting to discuss all things related to the Cannabis Industry! Upcoming regulations, large news stories from the industry, and the best practices and compliance tips for operators are just some of the topics we’ll be covering in each week’s episodes.

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