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Talent in Cannabis with Chris Ball

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The fact of the matter is, the social equity program and how it’s set up is broken.

Today on Talent in Cannabis, David spoke with Chris Ball, CEO at Ball Family Farms. They discussed:

  • The unique strain names used by Ball Family Farms
  • How Chris was introduced to cannabis and his experience in the illicit market
  • The pitfalls and future hopes for social justice in cannabis
  • The importance of quality for cannabis brands entering the marketplace

Chris shares his incredible cannabis story of growing up around the plant and coming through the black market and incarceration to create Ball Family Farms – the first vertically-integrated, family-owned and operated social equity company in Los Angeles. Known for their in-house genetics and nostalgically named 30% THC strains, Ball Family Farms continues to set (or redefine) a new industry standard.

More about Ball Family Farms

Ball Family Farms flower is hand-crafted from the finest raw and organic nutrients. Cultivated with meticulous attention to detail, each component of their genetics are pheno-hunted, developed and produced in-house to the most precise standards. Ball Family Farms currently offers three premium indoor strains– Daniel LaRusso (hybrid), Bonzai (sativa) and Miyagi-Do (indica).

Find them on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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