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Sunset Sessions | Mario Sherbinski, CEO SHERBINSKI

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Watch the full webinar here:

FlowerHire‘s CEO Dave Belsky sat down with the incredible Mario Sherbinski, CEO and founder of SHERBINSKIS. Mario and Dave dive into his strategy for building SHERBINSKIS.

Mario’s story began after he noticed his dissatisfaction with products on the market. He was inspired to build his own brand and grow what he wanted to grow. As Mario began creating designer weed, he wanted the brand to represent itself and took inspiration from designer clothing brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. However building a brand, as Mario explains in the video, comes with many difficulties. Mario learned he needed to work with partners that could help him scale and expand in order to meet the growing needs of consumers. Having the smart people to surround yourself with that understand and value your brand as much as you do is also essential to maintaining the control of the quality of products. 

Mario’s Top Advice
  1. Protect yourself – surround yourself with smart, loyal people.
  2. Trust your instincts – trust that things will fall apart and shit will happen, but also if you believe in your brand it will come out stronger
  3. Do your best and keep charging on. 

David and Mario continue to discuss the future of cannabis including the need for increased education and access. They end the video with a discussion on the importance of being unique. “The generic brands can only go so far, and there will always be people who want well-made, handcrafted, artisan products. Put that in your brands and it will come through and show.”

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