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Scaling Compliantly Through the Supply Chain

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Watch the full webinar here:

FlowerHire partnered with Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC) to help you understand navigating the enormous regulatory obstacles of running a cannabis business within ever-changing requirements. In this webinar, they present a framework for building a qualified and knowledgeable compliance team that will stay informed while providing RMCC’s best practices in building operational infrastructure to mitigate these challenges. 

The panelist included:

After RMCC identified the need for compliance operations technology experts, they set out to provide guidance on how to build a company’s compliance operations around state traceability platforms. They are women-owned and operated. They have build compliance infrastructure for some of the largest companies and brands in cannabis. 

Using their own strategy of building RMCC they discuss and train you in the webinar on how to stay ahead of regulatory changes and building and training a strong compliance team. They use real life situations that they have seen and experienced in order to explain how to understand compliance gap analysis and provide operational solutions for all situations covered. 

RMCC’s training courses, expert counsel, procedures, and documents help businesses achieve and maintain compliance. RMCC helps Operators and Technology companies excel in daily operations, implement seed-to-sale software, provide comprehensive training with on-site evaluations, and gap analysis. We help build the infrastructure of compliance operations through customized Standard Operating Procedures.

For more training on compliance operations visit RMCC Training Website or listen to RMCC Podcast, TBD with RMCC, found on all your favorite podcast platforms.

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