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A Religious Community and the Weed Farm in the Middle of It

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For Arizona, the cannabis industry is literally Made in Arizona.

The economic benefits of legalizing cannabis are prevalent. Cannabis legalization is restoring middle-class jobs in rural America. And since cannabis companies can not sell across state lines, it presents states and small towns with a unique opportunity to give hope to rural communities that have had to succumb to globalization.

‘Because cannabis is legal in Arizona but not in the United States as a whole, companies that want to sell cannabis products in Arizona have to do everything — cultivation, production, experimentation — in the state. “Unlike other industries that are more mature, you can’t move manufacturing and agriculture jobs out of state,” said David Belsky, the chief executive of FlowerHire, a recruiting agency for the cannabis industry. “For Arizona, the cannabis industry is literally Made in Arizona.”’


FlowerHire, a nation-wide cannabis recruiting agency, builds teams that fit and grow with the company. If you’re committed to the cannabis industry and want a team that grows with your company, reach out to the FlowerHire cannabis recruiters. FlowerHire specializes in cannabis executive search and cannabis staffing in both rural and urban areas.

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