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Return on community: How HR advisory harmonizes people, processes and profits

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We help ensure that your organization is complying with regulations and laws, resolving employee conflicts effectively, and implementing best practices for employee benefits and career development

In today’s tumultuous marketplace, cannabis companies must strive to maintain a high-performing workforce, and partnering with an HR advisor has never been more critical for success and growth. An HR advisor works with a company’s HR management team to learn how things work on the inside. This helps the HR advisor find gaps and opportunities to improve the company’s HR policies and operations.

At FlowerHire Senior Advisors, our primary purpose is to provide advice and strategies to boost staff retention, encourage overall development, and improve the human capital experience at organizations. In this article, we delve deeper into the duties of an HR advisor, including reviewing HR policies, ensuring legal compliance, resolving employee conflicts, advising on human capital centers of excellence, reviewing leadership programs and practices, and advising on employee benefits and perks.

How HR advisory activates beneficial changes

HR Advisors collaborate closely with the company’s management to implement – where necessary – positive changes in policies and procedures. We also create and present reports on the new strategies and practices to keep leadership on the pulse of HR policies. These reports primarily contain suggestions for improving the company’s human resources department. Here are some of the specific duties that HR advisors take on:

Help companies maintain HR policies

One of the primary duties of an HR advisor is to review and audit a company’s existing human resources policies and operations. After reviewing, they create a report which includes identified gaps and suggestions to improve the policies and operations. 

Ensure legal compliance

HR advisors advise the cannabis company on all aspects of Federal, State and Local labor and employment practices. They ensure that the company complies with regulations and laws.

Settle employee relations and conflicts

HR advisors work to improve communication and relations between staff and the company. They monitor employee complaints and disciplinary actions and facilitate proper conflict resolution practices the company can implement.

HR advisory for the cannabis industry in FlowerHire senior advisory blog post

Advise on human capital centers of excellence (COE)

The HR advisor works with all the other members of the human resources department reviewing all of their HR COE operations. They make suggestions on all major areas such as onboarding, recruitment, talent management, compensation and organizational planning, training and development, performance management, succession planning,  HR analytics, HR systems architecture and budgeting.

Audit leadership programs and practices

HR advisors review all the company’s management information, such as executive compensation, performance management, and leadership development. They submit reports to the executive leadership and/or the Board of Directors.

Advise on benefits and employee perks

HR advisors advise senior HR officials and company executives on all staff benefits and career development best practices. They help determine how to retain employees through benefits offerings and pay practices, and provide cost-effective solutions to reward employees for great performance.

In conclusion, an HR advisor plays a critical role in improving a company’s human resources policies and operations. We provide invaluable support to a company’s human resources department. We help ensure that your organization is complying with regulations and laws, resolving employee conflicts effectively, and implementing best practices for employee benefits and career development. Don’t hesitate to seek out the support of an HR advisor to help you achieve your company’s human resources goals and promote a positive workplace environment. 

If you are a company looking to improve your human resources policies and operations, give us a shout for a free consultation call: We are here to help cannabis companies move forward!   Check out a snapshot of our services


About Jason Desentz

Jason is a human resource strategic leader with over 20+ years of progressive human resources experience working for start-up cannabis companies and Fortune 100 companies such as Gage Cannabis, Skymint Brands Cannabis, Ford Motor Co., Chrysler, Goodyear, and more.

He has holistic experience in every area of human resources administration such as training and development, talent management, compensation & benefits, employee relations, union  negotiations, leadership and executive  coaching and more.  Over his career, Jason has continued to explore ways that data can be used to enhance the HR experience for organizations.

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