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FlowerHire X USC Data+ Insight Report

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We have created a model that flexibly details the growth trajectory of the industry

The challenge we face in the cannabis space is not if there is going to be growth, but where, how, and to what degree. Up to this point, a litany of data-centric industry namesakes have provided numbers and projections that help us – but are static, not always accurate, and more importantly, without the granular visibility to let the data inclined CannaGeeks have their look ‘in full’. So, we here at FlowerHire worked closely with the USC, Marshall MBA faithful to change that.

Orchestrated by FlowerHire and devised by the Marshall Cannabis Industry Club (MCIC) at USC’s Marshall School of Business, we have created a model that flexibly details the growth trajectory of the industry. Of markets both new and old, this model sheds further light on the numerous indicators of growth: markets established, license expansion, jobs created, and potential revenue to be captured. The best thing about this project? It was built for YOU to use. This model is not perfect, and won’t be for as long as our markets remain this fragmented, but will dramatically grow in strength through participation and standardization. Our hope is that our interactive model, besides educating and orienting business and consumers alike, will lead to the largest breadth of collaboration cannabis has seen yet.

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