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FlowerHire Sizzle Reel

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FLoweRHire Sizzle Reel

Our mission is to build a conscious cannabis community one hire at a time. That means we always place people who believe in the industry’s potential to help mankind and create social change. We’re building the industry with integrity from the ground up.

Commit to the success of your business by building a superior team.

Reach out to our leading cannabis recruiters free talent consult.

FlowerHire is the #1 talent platform in the cannabis industry.

David Belsky says, “The cannabis industry is one of the most challenging industries to work in and navigate. It needs people with leadership skills and executive pedigrees to bring their skills and adapt them to the industry.”

David’s ability to listen to people, understand them, and identify with them, is something he’s carried throughout his life. It’s given him a keen advantage in his professional career and it’s what’s enabled him to carve out such a niche business in a growing industry.

FlowerHire specializes in strategically filling six-figure, salaried roles and executive hires. After filling over 400 roles in the past few years, FlowerHire continues to both thrive as a business itself, while helping other cannabis companies build and thrive.

As the cannabis industry continues to pivot and grow, there’s room for companies to collaborate and bring their special skills to the table. Brands can find talented partners to offload and outsource parts of their company to make room for deeper roots and stronger growth. From there, more and more jobs will be born.

When you work with us, you partner with us. We partner with you to help your business thrive in such a competitive marketplace. Your business requires top-talent to stand out.

Not only do we see ourselves as partners to you, but we see ourselves as partners to the cannabis industry. 

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