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Why Now is The Best Time to Hire in the Cannabis Industry

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Recruiters consider today’s unicorn to be a candidate who has the ability to hit the ground running at a new company and add immediate value to contribute to the company’s success.

We all know how dynamic the cannabis industry is, which means it can be super hard to find a job candidate who both meets the qualifications and brings immediate value to the company. Now’s the ideal time to find those candidates – or ‘unicorns.’

Cannabis companies have a unique opportunity to find exceptional talent – candidates who have the right mix of experience, skills, and qualifications. With more professionals gaining in-depth knowledge of the cannabis space, the industry is witnessing a surge in talent availability. This shift presents a golden opportunity for cannabis companies to strengthen their teams and potentially hire more ‘unicorns’.

The expanding cannabis talent pool is becoming more experienced

When FlowerHire began six years ago, most of the candidates we placed had no prior experience in cannabis roles. They came from diverse employment and personal backgrounds. Since cannabis experience was rare, the two big things we looked for were transferable skills and the ability to work in a startup industry.

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge shift; currently, about 50% of the candidates we place already have professional cannabis experience. This dynamic arises at the same time that job seekers from more traditional industries seek new career challenges and want to jump into cannabis and grow.

More skilled expertise means  stronger business impact

Candidates transfer their unique skills into the cannabis industry and then gain hands-on experience while developing new skills that are tailored to the industry. This means that cannabis companies now have access to a broader pool of job seekers who both meet the necessary qualifications and possess deep understandings of industry dynamics. As a result, the cannabis hiring process is becoming more streamlined, and new hires can make a stronger, more immediate impact on a company.

The cannabis industry offers more job functions than any other industry 

Cannabis companies require a remarkably diverse range of job functions, especially vertically integrated companies. As the leading cannabis recruiting agency, FlowerHire focuses on six-figure cannabis jobs. And in 2022 alone, we supported the demand for over 100 different job titles across 20 states. 

Whether it’s positions like controller, brand marketer, retail director, product manager, HR professional, or general counsel, companies can now hire candidates who excel in their respective fields. These outstanding candidates bring valuable leadership skills, industry familiarity, and a knack for driving innovation and collaboration across departments.

What is a ‘unicorn’ and why are they valuable?

When you think of unicorns, an image of an illusive mythical creature (now often presented in vibrant colors with sparkly magic traits). They’re rare, and if you find one, consider yourself a lucky, skilled hunter. In the workforce, ‘unicorns’ represent similarly good fortune. And, unlike the Asian saola, which is so elusive that no biologist has ever seen one in the wild and may be facing extinction, fortunately the cannabis industry has more unicorns than ever before—if you can find them.

Recruiters consider today’s unicorn to be a candidate who has the ability to hit the ground running at a new company and add immediate value to contribute to the company’s success. They possess leadership skills, a proven playbook for achieving goals, and the ability to motivate their colleagues. These candidates thrive on strategic thinking and executing plans effectively. They understand the importance of cohesive teamwork among different departments within a cannabis company. Unicorns not only excel in their own roles but also enhance the overall efficiency and success of the organization. Their experience and mentorship abilities uplift the workplace environment and contribute to the long-term growth of the business.

Avoid untamable unicorns

While unicorns offer valuable experience, they must also be open to feedback, collaborate effectively, and exhibit strong leadership qualities. They must lead by example and inspire their teams with a hands-on approach. Avoid hiring individuals who may have a negative outlook due to past personal and/or industry experiences. Instead, seek professionals who remain positive, motivated, and inspired by the immense potential and impact of the cannabis industry.

As the cannabis industry continues its growth and maturation, the hiring landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. The availability of qualified candidates with cannabis experience and industry expertise has never been more promising. Cannabis companies now have a remarkable opportunity to recruit their own unicorns who bring valuable skills, leadership qualities, and innovative thinking to the table. By capitalizing on this trend, companies can build high-performing teams that drive the industry’s continued success and propel their own businesses forward.

If you’re looking for your next unicorn, we’re your people. Reach out to a FlowerHire recruiter.

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