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7 Black-owned cannabis dispensaries to support as we move from acknowledgment to action

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While the cannabis industry has made huge strides toward righting the wrongs of the War on Drugs, we still have a long road ahead.

Black History Month is a time to reflect on the past, acknowledge where we’re at in the present, and think about how we’re going to move forward. 

The ultimate goal is to take action and continue to make change happen.

A small action you can take today is to support Black-owned cannabis dispensaries.

gorilla rx logo for FlowerHire black owned dispensaries blog

Gorilla Rx (Los Angeles, CA)

Nestled in South Central, Los Angeles, Gorilla Rx stands as a beacon of community wellness. Branded as a visionary dispensary redefining highs in the cannabis industry, this establishment proudly holds the title of the first Black woman-owned dispensary in LA. Gorilla Rx, founded and run by Kika Keith, a passionate advocate for social justice and community uplift, invests its profits back into the South Central LA neighborhood.

Noteworthy is Gorilla Rx’s achievement as a Clio Cannabis 2023 Gold winner for their groundbreaking ‘Black Women Get Us Higher’ campaign.

crystal nugs logo for FlowerHire black owned dispensaries blog

Crystal Nugs (Sacramento, CA)

Opening its doors in November 2023 in Sacramento, CA, Crystal Nugs aspires to reshape the perception of cannabis. Founded by fashion maven Maisha Bahati, the dispensary’s mission centers around creating transformative opportunities, promoting diversity, and fostering inclusion for healthier communities. Crystal Nugs proudly operates as a social equity dispensary through the Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment and Equity program.

6 bricks logo for FlowerHire black owned dispensaries blog

6Bricks (Springfield, MA)

6Bricks Dispensary, a family-run local business in Springfield, MA, is dedicated to providing premium cannabis products to the community. 6Bricks stands out as a non-MSO dispensary with a focus on inspiring the community through people, plant, and purpose. Their unique approach includes giving back to the local community through events and initiatives, emphasizing core values, and promoting education about cannabis. They are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for both employees and customers. Sourcing from local businesses and growers ensures the highest quality products, making 6Bricks the go-to choice for adult-use cannabis in Springfield.

goodgrades logo for FlowerHire black owned dispensaries blogGood Grades (NY)

The “cannabis cousins”, Extasy James and Michael James, bring you Good Grades, a family-owned cannabis dispensary deeply rooted in their childhood neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens. Committed to providing high-quality cannabis products, Good Grades aims to make people feel good and positively contribute to the community. Beyond just a dispensary, they see themselves as a company committed to social impact, education, and community development. Join them on a journey to make a difference by promoting responsible cannabis use, delivering personalized service, and serving as a pillar of trust in the community.

mary & main logo for FlowerHire black owned dispensaries blogMary and Main (Capital Heights, MD)

With roots dating back to 2016, Mary & Main embodies a family-owned and operated ethos. Dr. Octavia Wiseman and Hope Wiseman, a dynamic mother-daughter team, founded this dispensary with the goal of providing customers with a reliable, locally sourced cannabis experience. Their vision revolves around spreading warmth, knowledge, and delight, striving to empower individuals and communities. Through educational workshops, wellness events, and outreach programs, Mary & Main has become a trusted advocate, fostering positive change in the Maryland community.

grasshopper club logo for FlowerHire black owned dispensaries blogGrasshopper Club (Chicago, IL)

Meet Grasshopper Club, a Chicago-based gem born from the vision of a South Side family. Founded by brothers Matthew and Chuck Brewer, alongside their mother, Dianne Brewer, Grasshopper Club transcends the traditional dispensary model. Rooted in heritage and legacy, this Black-owned business is on a mission to deliver premium curated products, personalized service, and, most importantly, to build career paths and ownership opportunities within Grasshopper Club. With locations in Logan Square and the South Loop, Grasshopper Club is on a mission to actively contribute to a more diverse and inclusive cannabis ecosystem in Chicago.

luxury leaf logo for FlowerHire black owned dispensaries blogLuxury Leaf (MO)

In the heart of St. Louis, Luxury Leaf holds the distinction of being Missouri’s first Black and woman-owned dispensary. They offer a luxurious and tailored cannabis shopping experience and take pride in providing elite cannabis to residents and visitors. Every guest is prioritized, listened to, and guided by a caring, knowledgeable staff. Their commitment also extends to community impact, education, and development. 

Access and affordable pricing, are also a focus for Luxury Leaf. They offer daily discounts, including: 

15% off every day for students / low-income

10% off every day for veterans

10% off every day for early birds (before 12 pm)

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