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Law firms, recruiters, and marketers dish on how they’re gearing up for a gold rush from New York’s blockbuster move to legalize cannabis

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Interstate commerce of cannabis is prohibited because it remains illegal under federal law. That guarantees every state where cannabis is legal must have its own seed-to-sale industry, protecting job growth from foreign outsourcing and consolidation by major corporations.

Sloane Barbour, the chief revenue officer at FlowerHire, a recruiting firm focused on six-figure salaried positions in the cannabis industry, told Insider that he’s seen a shift from the West Coast to the Northeast over the past few months.

The Northeast made up 24% of placements on the platform in 2020 but 40% in the first quarter of this year, Barbour said.

“This trend will only continue, and because no infrastructure for regulated cannabis employment at scale exists, the East Coast will really need to import talent from elsewhere and simultaneously build an equitable pipeline of local talent that is trained and ready,” Barbour said.

Ever since the New York’s law passed, “It’s just been a mad dash from everyone” he said.


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