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Hiring Trends Turn Back Toward Strategic Roles, Even During an Ongoing Economic Crisis

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When you’re talking about recruiting strategic people for cannabis, it’s part art and part science.

Eric Sandy was able to pull together an article for Cannabis Business Times about hiring trends in the industry and how that’s changed over time. The piece uses David’s expert commentary to discuss how the industry has weathered economic woes in the past, the ever-evolving nature of legalization and its impact on jobs in the space, and what to look for in potential candidates.

Cannabis being deemed “essential” has left a tremendous impact on the future of the industry. Cannabis is being seen as a legitimate industry and that’s helping dispensaries meets the spike in consumer demand.

David touches on how hiring in the cannabis industry is part art and part science.

Science being the on-paper requirements for the job. Is this person qualified and do they have the experience to perform well in this position?

The of hiring for the cannabis industry is understanding that the cannabis industry isn’t for everyone. There are specific demands that come with the industry that a job candidate must be prepared for.


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