About Flower Hire – Cannabis Staffing Company

Our Mission is to bring skills into the industry to help the industry mature, succeed and help companies execute in a fully legal and regulated cannabis market.

Our Mission is to normalize and destigmatize employment in the cannabis industry and create awareness about the types of jobs available.

Our Mission is to get involved in the regulated cannabis industry. We believe in people – and to allow them to create strong and safe communities for everyone.

Our Team

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David Belsky - CEO

With 15 years of recruiting experience, David has been a strategic staffing partner for thousands of companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to the small startup across multiple industries and verticals. David has also trained and mentored hundreds of sales and recruiting professionals. David is a Los Angeles native that graduated in 2004 from Cornell University with a Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations.
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Tara Zink - Senior Recruiter

Tara is currently over seeing daily operations for FlowerHire. She attended The University of Arizona and utilized her business marketing degree to start a career in fashion. When it was time to make a move, she realized her love of sales and working with people would be a perfect match for a career in recruiting.
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Brennen Aman - Senior Recruiter

Brennen graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Sport Management working for major sports organizations and software companies selling sponsorship and software. Upon moving to LA that Brennen discovered the vast opportunities in cannabis and joined FlowerHire working to build some of the premier companies in the industry.
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Robert Block - Senior Recruiter

Robert started his career as a software engineer building web and mobile applications for a number of tech companies. During his time at Sonoma State University saw that recruiters placing his friends into the wrong companies. He helped his friends get into their dream jobs and what followed was a recruiting career.
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Summer Tullius - Senior Recruiter

Somerset has 4 years of sales, supply chain and logistics experience in the cannabis industry. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from University of Colorado, Boulder. Her intimate knowledge of the industry helps FlowerHire source candidates and companies.
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Ian Keilty - Senior Recruiter

Ian Keilty worked in the Insurance industry for 3 years working in both business development and sales. The ability to sell value and interact with diverse audiences translated perfectly for recruiting. Graduating from UMass Amherst with a degree in Journalism, Ian also leverages his writing skills in creative job pitches.
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Patrick Bauer - Recruiter

Pat worked as a M&A associate in energy industry with emphasis in data analytics and financial modeling. Pat moved out to Los Angeles to dive into the world of startups which translated well into recruiting.
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Ben Grabow - Recruiter

Ben Grabow learned the true definition of Charismatic Aggression at the ripe age of 21 from some of the best professionals in the game. Forever dedicated to mastering his craft, he's a student and life long learner. One thing that he knows without a doubt/undoubtedly is that "comfort is the cloak that masks all ambition". He currently resides in Santa Monica California. Call or text him if you want to hear a couple stories and have an interesting conversation.
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Dave BonVillain - Advisor

David Bonvillain a highly regarded leader in the cannabis industry, particularly in developing products that treat a wide variety of illnesses and chronic conditions. David is a sought-after speaker, author, and consultant on the health properties of cannabis, and is a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup
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Jason Pinsky - Advisor

Jason Pinsky, the world’s first credited cannabis producer responsible for everything weed on VICELAND’s hit culinary show, Bong Appétit.